Crazy Compression OTC Aztec Compression Socks

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CRAZY BENEFITS – Compression socks improve oxygen flow throughout your leg to promote recovery, reduce injury and provide extra support. Compressions were first created for the hardcore athletes to enhance their recovery time and later moved to the healthcare industry to provide extra support to their staff members.
TRUE GRADUATED COMPRESSION – Our create socks are 15-20 mmHg true graduated compression to ensure the best recovery and support for our customers. The pressure is stronger at the ankle at 20 mmHg and gradually grows lighter as you move up the sock.
COLORS FOR EVERY FOOT – More colors to cover for feet! Choose from a large variety of compression sock designs because we don’t think you should have to sacrifice style for the recovery benefits that compression socks offer. Our socks are made for the basic, fashion forward and those with a little bit of a crazy side.

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